Nov 30, 2012

,,Studded and Spiked Bulls,,

When I was a second time in the primaries, I saw those camouflage pants and soon they were in the shopping cart ... The original basketball shirt from M.Jordan and I saw it on the flea market. Wedge-sneakers I ordered from DeeZee. A denim shirt I finally got from H & M. Black leather backpack I am also from the flea market with my DIY with studs. I love this outfit ... <3

 Pants - Primark
 Shirt - flea market
 Shoes - DeeZee
 Bag - flea market,DIY
 Denim shirt - H&M
 Bracelet - Primark

Nov 28, 2012

Blouse with leather collar and burgundy

Since it is already quite chilly out can be very difficult to take pictures of the blouse and I have very much in the closet .... I bought this blouse in Primark is a black and white leather with perforated collar. I also bought the Tights in the primaries and quality are emerging, they are not thin are thicker and not so easy to tear ...

 blouse - Primark
 shorts - Clockhouse
 thights - Primark
 heels - Mango
 earrings - Gate
 clutch - Zara
 ring - Gate

Ombre sweater and tie dye Jeans

I've already pulled out of the closet and sweaters this ombre sweater from Primark I love ... Beautiful tie dye Jeans I have bought on holiday in Croatia. On the trip to the beautiful city of Rijeka was a huge sale at Zara. Backpack with same color bootie I bought in Primark, as well as a necklace .. I love the colors of this outfit ... <3

 sweater - Primark
 jeans - Zara
 booties - Primark
 bag - Primark
 cross necklace - House
 bee necklace - Primark

Nov 27, 2012

Autumn elegance

Elegance in autumn Schönbrunn ... Recently, I was dressed casual, so this time I was dressed smartly. Blouse I bought at a flea market is a beautiful dark green with parrots ... <3 trousers with retro print I bought at H & M on sale for € 1O. Oxford shoes I also bought the H & M Divided on sale for € 15 with spiked necklace for € 5:-D. I still have a bag of open Primark ... <3

 Blazer - H&M
 Blouse - vintage
 Necklace - H&M
 3/4 pants - H&M
 Oxfords shoes - H&M Divided
 Bag - Primark

Winter comming soon and i have my white Coat

I love this combnacion...

 Coat - H&M
 Leggins - H&M
 Sweater - Primark
 Boots - DeeZee
 Bag - H&M, DIY
 Necklace - House
 Earrings - Primark