May 31, 2013

My wishlist from River Island

1.Acid wash skiny jeans
2.Red Brooklyn athletic 76 printed sweatshirt
3.Acid wash dip dyed denim dungarees
4.Grey printed oversides t-shirt
5.Leopard printed red New York snapback
6.Acid wash denim skater skirt
7.Bright yellow stiletto sandals
8.Black studded boots

by Ivana ;-)

May 29, 2013

Holly mother leggins

sunglasses - little cheap shop :-)
necklace - Tally Weijl
tanks - Cro for H&M
jacket - vintage
leggins - Romwe
bag - Primark
sneakers - New Yorker

by Ivana <3

May 27, 2013

Ripped Levis 501 and camo jacket

Weather is bad, still raining and it's cold, I`m sick and I do not want to write much.... This Levis 501 jeans I find on the flea market I cuted it and ripped`s simple.... :-). Camo jacket I bought last time in Primark in SALE for 9 €. Black peace printed shirt I bought also on the flea market. Spiked necklace from Sammy Dress <3. I hope weather will be better and have a nice week ;-).

sunglasses - zeroUV
necklace - Sammy Dress
shirt - flea market
jacket - Primark
bag - DIY,flea market
jeans - DIY,Levis 501
sneakers - New Yorker

by Ivana <3

May 26, 2013

Week 21. in pictures

New DIY ripped,cuted Levis 501

New packet from Yves Rocher
( I love the smell of these shower gels <3 )
( from left to right )
1.Lime shower gel
2.Tahiti shower gel
3.Mascara Sexy pulp for free :-)
4.Rose shower gel
5.Blanket in warm colors for free :-)

New golden lion necklace from Romwe

New black shorts with golden crosses from SheInside

My must haves for this summer...

Have a nice weekend...bye...
by Ivana <3

May 24, 2013

Crosses leggins and platform sneakers

I wore crosses printed leggins from new Tally Weijl flagship store, this store is so amazing everywhere is cute  pink design it is as old english house design mixed with fairytale. This store is on two floors and I think desing on second floor is better. Everywhere was a lot of people and lot of hipster and festival clothes <3. I am looked for platform sneakers and after long time I find this amazing in New Yorker in sale for 10 € <3. I wore also this Soho New York vintage shirt where I hiked last time I am in love with long vintage or boyfriend shirts. I got packet from Romwe and SheInside for more check my instagram and follow me ;-) or wait for my week 21. in picture post on sunday... Have a nice weekend....bye.... :-)

sunglasses - Primark
necklace - Tally Weijl
shirt - vintage
vest - Primark
bracelet - Gate
bag - Primark
leggins - Tally Weijl
sneakers - H&M

by Evee <3

May 21, 2013

DIY Levis 501

sunglasses - Gate
necklace - Tally Weijl
shirt - New Yorker
jacket - Sammy Dress
jeans - Levis 501,DIY
bracelet - H&M
watches - Sammy Dress
bag - Primark
heels - H&M

by Evee <3

May 19, 2013

Week 20. in pictures

New in:

H&M and Pieces:
1.Neon yellow boyfriend thanks from H&M
2.Neon yellow platform sneakers from Pieces

Primark and Tally Weijl:
1.Scull printed boyfriend sweatshirt
2.New York printed jogging pants

1.Camo jacket
2.Jewerly hanger

1.Smiley canava bag
2.Beach clutch

1.Comic socks
2.Peace colorfull sunglasses

1.Golden cross necklace
2.White hand with black eye necklace from Tally Weijl

New Yorker:
1.Chains & Crime boyfriend shirt
2.White platform sneakers

From openning new Flagship Tally Weijl store:
1.Golden crosses necklace
2.Black crosses leggins

...Bye have a nice Sunday...
by Evee <3

May 17, 2013

Tropical pants

Hi, now I am waiting for my orders... I love this outfit is casual and I am in love with printed pants, leggins and tights, but you could see it :-). Today I go to new flashship store Tally Weijl, I hope I can find new items <3.Buy have a nice weekend...

snapback - Romwe
necklace - Tally Weijl
shirt - H&M
bag - DIY,flea market
bracelets - H&M
pants - H&M Divided
sneakers - New Yorker

by Evee <3

May 13, 2013

Diamonds leggins and tiger ombre shirt

It was a nice weather, sun shined, water glittered :-). Everywhere was a lot of people and I maked new picures. I got my packet from Romwe and here is outfit with my new Diamonds leggins, now you can win with instagram daily 20 leggins for free: 
I wore amazing tiger printed ombre shirt, on the sides are deeply cut, so I wore also my neon pink swimsuit bra, all I bought in New Yorker and blue - pink fake Vans sneakers and lot of earrings and earcuffs... ;-)

sunglasses - Carrera
earcuffs - H&M
earrings - Tally Weijl
shirt - New Yorker 
necklace - Sammy Dress
bracelet - Forever 21
bag - Primark
leggins - Romwe
watches - Sammy Dress
sneakers - Primark

by Evee <3