Feb 27, 2013

Leather and blue pants

Finally, I wanted to wear something more lively! Again, it snowed and snowed and the snow was holding ... But I was already one so I got dressed this outfit. Blue pants I bought a long time ago, but I waited for better warmer weather. I ordered a sweatshirt from H & M and has awesome print.

sunglasses - Primark
ear cuff - H&M
jacket - Primark
sweatshirt - H&M
necklace - Primark
bag - H&M
pants - H&M
boots - Gate

by Evee <3

Feb 26, 2013

My new postcards + in love with animals..

Today I received a mail like every few months, these beautiful postcards from the organization for animals, and I think that everyone should be aware of if it really worth wearing furs from animals .... When I can always contribute ... Although at the moment I do not have any pets at home, but I care for them ... <3

...in love with all animals in this world...

by Evee <3

Feb 25, 2013

Camo and black

A simple outfit with a camo print and black ... The perfect sweater I bought at flea markets is very wide at the front and has an embroidered cross <3 Boots I bought when I was last in Slovakia in Deichmann, because somehow my old no longer needed for such an amount of snow ... :-)

necklace - H&M Divided
sweater - Vintage
pants - Primark
boots - Deichmann

by Evee <3

Feb 24, 2013

Week 8. in pictures

1.New in: Mascara Big Boom from Astor i love it...and Make-up from Astor
2.New DIY denim vest with wings...
3.My new dark green denim blouse from Canada
4.New Magazines Woman and Glamour with big Stylebook for Spring/Summer 2013

My must haves from Pretty Sucks

My Top shorts from PRIMARK

love this shorts <3

by Evee <3

Feb 20, 2013

Mirrors sunglasses+Winner of my GIVEAWAY

From Slovakia and I had brought this amazing mirrored sunglasses, when I see them in the store I just had to buy them :-). Sweater I found on sale in G3 in New Yorker and was only € 7 ... I've had enough of these winter outfits, I would like to have something lighter with more colors and prints, and especially no more winter boots!!! I almost forgot that the winner of my GIVEAWAY is   Bella Mosqueda

sunglasses - Gate
scarves - H&M
sweater - New Yorker
pants - H&M
boots - Deezee

by Evee <3

Feb 18, 2013

Bad Mickey

This outfit is,, folded, of items that I recently bought in Primark and it`s sweatshirt, shorts, tights and boots. Slovakia I had brought Reserved galaxy printed top and from Gate this nice ear cuff.

ear cuff - Gate
tanks - Reserved
sweatshirt - Primark
shorts - Primark
tights - Primark
boots - Primark

by Evee <3

Feb 17, 2013

Week 7. in pictures + this week 2 times in New York Times!!!

Happy Valentine`s day
I received this roses from my spouse <3

This week 2 times in The New York Times

 1.Welcome to Trencin...my city <3
2.Trip to my city
3.My grandma make this fabulous curry risotto
4.Winter wonderland

New in my WARDROBE
 1.Sunglasses:Aztec printed from Primark and Mirrors from Gate
2.Jewerly:Golden sculls bracelet + golden ring with blue stones from House and ear cuff from Gate
3.Printed vokuhila sweater from New Yorker
4.Black sweater from H&M
5.Aztec printed sweater from H&M Men
6.Black-white blouse from House
7.Galaxy printed top from Reserved

by Evee <3

Feb 15, 2013

Winter colors + ***GIVEAWAY***

I hate it when somebody wear only black....i love colors, with colors is life marvelous <3
Don`t forget my GIVEAWAY:

cap - H&M,DIY
vest - New Yorker,DIY
sweater - H&M Divided
 bracelet - H&M
 leggins - Iron Fist
boots - Deezee

by Evee <3