Jun 30, 2013

Week 25. and 26. in pictures

New in: C&A
1.Leopard printed manny bag for 9€
2.Sandals in sale for 30€ now for 15€

New in: H&M
1.Sandals for 15€ now for 7€
2.Peplum top for 20€ now for 10€
3.Golden rings for 5€

New in: Zara & New Yorker
1.Mesh heels for 20€ now for 5€
2.White holographic unicorns printed shirt for 20€ now for 10€
3.Aztec printed acid wash jeans for 40€ now for 26€
4.Necklace for 17€ now for 8€

New in: Flea market
Leather skulls printed creepers for 3€ :-)

Have a nice weekend ;-)

Western fringed top and blue printed jeans

hairband - H&M
sunglasses - Carrera
top - Zara
bag - Forever 21
jeans - H&M
sandals - C&A

by Ivana <3

Jun 24, 2013

Crosses shorts and peplum top

Hi, as I saw I, I have to much now... I make new course and I found work in the italian shoes shop and today I have Practical training and I hope it comes :-). This week was so hot and today its raining and cold. Finnaly I bought peplum top in sale from H&M and finnaly I wore this perfect crosses shorts, then I order by She Inside. 
Have a nice week with sun or rain ;-)

sunglasses - H&M
necklace - Romwe
top - H&M
shorts - SheInside
bag - Vintage
heels - Zara

by Ivana <3

Jun 23, 2013

Vampire Rolling Stones

sunglasses - Carrera
necklace - Tally Weijl
shirt - Primark
pants - H&M Divided
sneakers - H&M
bag - H&M Divided
watches - Sammy Dress
bracelet - Sammy Dress

by Ivana <3

Jun 19, 2013

NYC State

hair band - H&M
sunglasses - H&M
jacket - Primark
shirt - Primark
shorts - H&M
watches - Sammy Dress
bracelet - Sammy Dress
sandals - Primark

by Ivana <3

Jun 16, 2013

Week 24. in pictures + Vienna fashion night

Vienna fashion night 2013 in pictures

and my outfit...

and my haul...

New in: H&M (big sale now...)

 floral printed sneakers for 9,95 €

1.Leopard printed black dress for 9,95 € now for 5 €
2.Black sporty shorts for 14,95 € now for 7 €
3.Golden spiked hairband for 7,95 € now for 1 €
4.White double triangel printed bag for 5 €
5.Aztec printed black-white platform sandals for 29,90 € now for 15 €

New from Essence:

1.Lipgloss 02 My treasure island from Ticket to paradise collection
2.Hair mascara 01 Rumble in the jungle from Ticket to paradise collection

...Have a nice Sunday...
by Ivana <3

Jun 12, 2013


Here is outfit with my new silver pegasos necklace, which I would buy long time but this is not online avaitable, also nets 48 shirt from H&M this shirt is best for summer and is easy to wearing only with black or printed tanks under. I wear my new skiny jeans is so comfortable, which I can wear with long shirts. I wear also new leather on front blue velveted creepers style slippers which I ordered by Zalando from Even&Odd. 

sunglasses - H&M
necklace - H&M
tanks - H&M
nets shirt - H&M
watches - Clarie`s
bag - vintage, DIY
jeans - Primark
creepers - Even&Odd by Zalando

by Ivana <3

Jun 10, 2013

Wild thing

Finally I bought heels sandals <3. I wear this with hareem tropical printed pants and boyfriend shirt. Now I am in waiting for my packets from Sammy Dress, Pretty Little Thing and Nike Air Max :-). As I said, I was last Saturday in Primark. It was amazing day, everywhere a lot of people and I bought a lot of new items here. Thuesday I go to course and evening to Vienna fashion night 2013.
 Have a nice week fashionistas ;-)

sunglasses - H&M
necklace - Romwe
shirt - Primark
watches - Sammy Dress
bracelets - H&M, Forever21
pants - H&M
bag - Pieces
sandals - Primark

by Ivana <3

Jun 9, 2013

Week 22. and 23. in pictures


Flea market :

Even&Odd by Zalando, Longchamp and Sammy Dress:

 Leather velvet creepers style slippers from Even&Odd

Black bag from Longchamp 

Black golden printed shirt, Blue batman printed shirt, Neon golden necklace, Black golden spiked bracelet from Sammy Dress


Leopard printed round and black chained sunglasses, Dotted sneakers

Elephant printed long tanks, Nets ,,48,, shirt

Pegasos necklace, Tropical printed bag


 Geek printed bag, Rolling Stones bag

 Skiny Jeans, Peace necklace, Heels sandals 

Wild thing printed shirt, NYC State boyfriend shirt

by Ivana <3