Jan 30, 2013

4 times in the New York Times(Wedge sneakers in Winter)

It is unbelievable but my photo is already the fourth time in the New York Times:

I found in a closet this sport cap and I did not even outfit with sport cap. This I really like writing front ... Finally I got this sleeve jacket and I love it. The first time I wore these wedge sneakers in winter. Sweater I bought a long time ago in Clockhouse is a super .. <3

 cap - New Yorker
 scarves - H&M
 jacket - H&M
 sweater - Clockhouse
 leggins - H&M Divided
 wedge sneakers - Deezee

by Evee <3

Jan 28, 2013

Vintage sweater

This sweater was the last successful .... So I did another outfit. For this I chose a white vintage blouse from the Vienna design workshop ... Burgundy pants from H & M. Western boots from Deichmann. Earrings I bought recently in Primark, next week I'm going there again :-) And Sunglasses have been around since the summer from Gate from Slovakia.

 sunglasses - Gate
 earrings - Primark
 blouse - vintage
 sweater - vintage
 pants - H&M
 bag - vintage
 boots - Deichmann

by Evee <3

Jan 27, 2013

Week 4. in pictures

1.cap from H&M i bought it last year and i Do It Yourself with studs
2.My new sleeve beige jacket from H&M <3
3.New cross printed blouse from H&M Divided
4.DIY collar <3

1.I find in postbox new Glamour <3
2.My Favorit make-up and powder..Fit me! from Maybelline
3.I love this Cleaning gel from Nivea and Peeling gel from  Garnier
4.My new earrings or i don`t know what is it...:-) from House

My must haves from www.ark.co.uk

by Evee <3

Jan 23, 2013

Leather pants

I finally bought leather pants on sale for only € 7 and I love them ... At H & M I bought a sweater even in the event for € 10 and € 3 for the hat, I think that I have bought well. :-). Gloves I bought a year ago in Slovakia in F & F and still as new ..

 hat - H&M
 necklace - H&M
 blouse - H&M Divided
 sweater - H&M
 pants - H&M
 bag - Primark
 gloves - F&F
 boots - Deichmann

by Evee <3

Jan 21, 2013

Sculls leggins

Finally, I received a package from H & M and it was these awesome leggings with skulls ... I love them because I can combine them with almost everything. The package was also the blouse with cross print, which is shorter in front and longer back. On sale at H & M I bought this a distinctive purple sweater for € 7 a wonderfull sequin bag for € 5. I love sales .... <3

 beanie - H&M Divided
 blouse - H&M Divided
 sweater - H&M
 bag - H&M
 leggins - H&M Divided
 boots - DeeZee

by Evee <3

Jan 20, 2013

Week 3. in picture

1.Nice sweater and leather burgundy pants from Sale by H&M
4.New items from H&M in my packet,tie dye tights and sculls leggins <3

1.I find i my postbox new WOMAN Magazin
2.New sequin bag from H&M in sale for 5€
3.Snow snow snow now 30-50 cm...<3
4.I love this shower gel,smells lovely and is with oil,my skin is so soft<3

My must haves by VJ Style

by Evee <3

Jan 16, 2013

DIY studded shorts

These shorts I bought an old jeans like the flea market and after I cut them using DIY to it. A decorated with a studds and on the other hand I sew cross from black leopard material. Shirt I bought at flea market and i like this colors ...

 beanie - H&M
 tanks - New Yorker
 necklace - Primark
 blouse - flea market
 shorts - flea market,DIY
 tights - Primark
 bag - H&M,DIY
 shoes - No Name

by Evee <3

Jan 14, 2013

XXL sweater and grey-black leggins

However, since the off post Christmas refills clearance sales are still not finished so here is another XXL sweater is wonderful ancient and was only 10 € ... Leggings I purchased a year ago for Slovakia in the House.

 beanie - H&M
 scarves - Clockhouse
 sweater - H&M
 leggins - House
 bag - Pieces
 shoes - No Name

by Evee <3

Jan 13, 2013

Week 2. in picture

My last week in pictures...

1.New spiked shoes from No Name shop:-)
2.New bag from H&M in sale for 7 €
3.Instagram picture from my new collar with studds also from H&M in sale for 3 €
4.My new DIY shorts with studds and black leopard cross,outfit comming soon...this week

My new Favorit CD`s
1.Rihanna - Unapologetic
2.P!nk - The Truth about Love
3.Ke$ha - Warrior
4.Bruno Mars - Unorthodox Jukebox

I find this awesome sweaters...make it with photoshop<3

for more check website:www.sexy-sweaters.com

by Evee <3 byeee