Mar 31, 2013

Week 13. in pictures + Happy easter all...

New in:

1.Boy sweatshirt from SheInside
2.Lion sweatshirt from SheInside
3.Spiked snapback and sky triangle leggins from Romwe
4.My DIY riped and studded denim shorts

1.Shark tanks from H&M Men
2.Snapback Conscious Collection from H&M Men
3.Printed pants Conscious Collection from H&M

My must haves from Romwe this week


Happy easter to all...

by Evee <3

Mar 27, 2013

Gold,black and burgundy

Hi, here is my golden vintage sweater outfit...I wear my awesome half leather leggins from H&M Divided, burgundy wedge boots from Primark, ear cuff with little star from H&M, sunglasses from zeroUV. I like this outfit...And what do you think about?

sunglasses - zeroUV
ear cuff - H&M
sweater - vintage
leggins - H&M Divided
ring - H&M
wedge boots - Primark
bag - Pieces

by Evee <3

Mar 25, 2013

Spring...where are you?

Hi, outside is could and i wait spring.... here is outfit with my last bought sweater on the flea market. I wear teherto big chain silver necklace also from flea market, ear cuff with wings, ripped jeans bought one year ago in New Yorker in sale for 5 € :-).


ear cuff - H&M
sweater - vintage
necklace - vintage
breacelets - H&M
jeans - New Yorker
bag - H&M
boots - DeeZee

by Evee <3

Mar 24, 2013

Week 12. in pictures

1.Cake from love :-)
2.New in: sunglasses for 1 €
3.Camo printed spiked sweater with my DIY...
4.Awesome this ,,twister,, cake it taste so goood

New in : Flea market

My must haves by H&M now

by Evee <3

Mar 20, 2013

Aztec printed boyfriend sweater

This outfit haven`t lot of colors,but i love this aztec printed sweater...I bought its by H&M Men in Sale for 10 €. Finally is warm weather,so i can leave my all winter jackets in the wardrobe :-). I hope that cold weather come not back...I like spring, outside is warm, nature wake up. Have a nice week and weekend bye.


sunglasses - Primark
blouse - H&M Divided
sweater - H&M Men
bag - flea market,DIY
leggins - Gate
sneakers - H&M

by Evee <3

Mar 18, 2013

Ombre and flowers

I got finally my first packet from zeroUV and i love this sunglasses.Next month i will order a lot of sunglasses :-).I found on the flea market amazing clothes this weekend : blouse with tropical print, green-violet sweater, golden sweater and vintage printed blouse...outfits comming soon... I am waiting on my packets.<3 Have a nice day dears..

hat - H&M
vest - New Yorker,DIY
sweater - Cashmere Feeling
necklace - Primark
leggins - H&M
boots - DeeZee
bag - H&M
ring - Gate
bracelet - H&M

by Evee <3

Mar 17, 2013

Week 11. in pictures

1.I received this postcard with my name..:-) 
2.I received two fashion magazines this week: Woman and Glamour with shopping card
3.I received packet with this sunglasses from zeroUV <3
4.I like this olives with almonds, lemon and herbs..

What I find this weekend on flea market

And my favorits from zeroUV
...have a nice weekend...

by Evee <3

Mar 13, 2013


I bought this sweater in the flea market and i love it...Tights i bought in last holiday in Slovakia,it`s amazing with kisses print :-).I am waiting my packets from SneInside and Bohoo now <3 Later i`m making lot of new outfits...And i don`t forget,i wait two Romwe leggins,what i win in Giveaways....Stay tunned...

sweater - Vintage
shorts - Primark
tights - Gate
boots - DeeZee

by Evee <3