Dec 30, 2012

Snow Wonderland

So now we have a New Year's Eve 2012 is coming to an end ... This outfit I even took pictures a week ago, but I was in Slovakia for the family and somehow I did not have internet there ... So now we have no snow :-( This XXL jacket I bought at a flea market and an old jacket official Ottawa hockey club. Sweater from my mother that my grandmother wove. Ombre hats and gloves I bought on sale from Slovakia in the House. I did DIY Boots with studs and spikes on the sides.

 jacket - vintage
 sweater - vintage
 jeans - Fishbone
 beanie and gloves - House
 bag - Primark

by Evee <3

Dec 27, 2012

Dark passion

Finally snowed and so it is also in the pictures, because they are always magical when it snows .. I finally got this beautiful skirt from H & M Divided. Also, this sweater I got together again and it's a piece of men collection from H & M, has a beautiful leopard print ... I combine all this with tights from Primark, beanie from H & M Divided and studded boots from Deezeed and my DIY studded bag ..

 beanie - H&M Divided
 sweater - H&M Men
 bag - flea market,DIY studded
 bracelet - Gate
 skirt - H&M Divided
 tights - Primark
 boots - Deezee

by Evee <3

Dec 22, 2012

Fashion gueen Rihanna

I love she and her style,it`s faboulos<3

Diamonds in Wetten das-Germany`s talkshow 8.12.2012

And here is the best song from Rihanna now with 92 mil.likes DIAMONDS <3

by Evee <3

Dec 21, 2012

New nail polish

Here is lot of nail polish that i love....

metalics colors

burgundy and purple

 nail polish with little elements

and this nail polish 2 in 1 i love it 

but this one is my favorit-galaxy pattern

by Evee <3

Dec 20, 2012

Life is colorfull,can not be the end of the world...

I do not know whether anyone else is planning now than at the end of the world. Since it is already 21.12 and we all live ... But it was the end of the world, come to my outfit. Some time ago I bought at the flea market, colorful leggings, I really like the print ... To do this, white sneakers from H & M on the way Converse. Awesome T-shirt with a skull on New Yorker in action, I think for € 5. A military vest at the end of a canvas bag with a picture of Jessie J, both from Primark <3

 vest - Primark
 tanks - New Yorker
 bag - Jessie J by Primark
 leggins - vintage
 sneakers - H&M

by Evee <3

Vintage sweater and burgundy pants

This amazing colorful sweater I bought at flea market for 1 € and I love it because it has a beautiful print. Burgundy colored pants I ordered recently at H & M on sale for only € 7.

 sweater - flea market
 vest - DIY,studded and spiked
 beanie - H&M
 pants - H&M
 boots - DeeZee

by Evee <3

Dec 19, 2012

Silver statement necklace

When I was last week in Slovakia, as always, I found a few nice things in two wonderful ancient Polish stores: House and Gate. They actually stores where you can find the latest casual fashion and streetstyle well widgets ... And there I bought on sale because Christmas is approaching and clearance sales are everywhere ... for example this black sweater interwoven with silver thread for € 8 from House. Leggings are also awesome silver-black, glittering little as € 8 from Gate. Nice silver statement necklace I ordered also on sale from H & M is very significant and can not be loving it .. <3

 beanie - H&M
 necklace - H&M
 sweater - House
 bracelet - Gate
 leggins - Gate
 bag - H&M,DIY
 boots - DeeZee

by Evee <3