Dec 30, 2012

Snow Wonderland

So now we have a New Year's Eve 2012 is coming to an end ... This outfit I even took pictures a week ago, but I was in Slovakia for the family and somehow I did not have internet there ... So now we have no snow :-( This XXL jacket I bought at a flea market and an old jacket official Ottawa hockey club. Sweater from my mother that my grandmother wove. Ombre hats and gloves I bought on sale from Slovakia in the House. I did DIY Boots with studs and spikes on the sides.

 jacket - vintage
 sweater - vintage
 jeans - Fishbone
 beanie and gloves - House
 bag - Primark

by Evee <3


  1. I want that jacket aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh love <3

  2. Hi it's from flea market for 3€ :-) And i love she tooo <3