Dec 17, 2012

Camo,denim and DIY studded burgundy colar

This denim jacket I bought in the summer for the flea market, when I went there and bought a black shirt with white skull. The skull, I cut out a square and found the back of the vest. I noticed that over the vest are spaced small silver stars rivets. I also produced the collar itself, from my fiance's shirts, I cut a collar, the edge decorated by studs. Lately I love DIY ... <3 gray jumper I had brought from Slovakia from F & F, and has a beautiful picture of Paris, I love you ... Boots I bought at flea markets, are in good repair, were without laces, so I dok├║pila in the New Yorker white with black skulls. Camo pants from Primark I'm very fond of, I wear them almost always ... <3

 vest - DIY,flea market
 jumper - F&F
 colar - DIY
 sunglasses - H&M
 pants - Primark
 boots - flea market
 bracelet - H&M
 ring - H&M

by Evee <3

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