Feb 10, 2013

Week 6. in pictures

1.Submit readers photos on New York Times with my picture :-)
2.New in shoes:burgundy wedge boots from Primark;black platform sneakers from Primark and suede hells with gold toe from H&M Sale
3.Yammy...i love this vegetable salad <3
4.Shopping day in G3 Gerasdorf,it was fun...

My new items in my Wardrobe

1.Sweatshirt Disney with camo print and spikes from Primark
2.Denim ripped shorts from Primark
3.XXL sweater with scull print from New Yorker
4.Stripes and Mickey Mouse printed tights from Primark
5.Rolling Stones pribted shirt from Primark
6.Studded ombre cardigan from Primark
7.Spiked bracelets from H&M Divided

My must haves sweatshirts from SheInside

by Evee <3

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