Sep 15, 2013

Plaid shirt

Hi fashionistas,I had no time to writing new post.This outfit is from last week.I was so excited,when I found this plaid shirt last time in Primark.It was last and in size 18,but I like when is shirt loose ;-).Clutch I bought a few months ago in Primark in sale for 3€.Now I am working on my blog: new wallpaper,bigger photos and... I hope you enjoy this,have a nice sunday...bye <3 fashionistas...

sunglasses - zeroUV
necklace - Aliexpress
plaid shirt - Primark
shirt - H&M
bag - Primark
pants - Primark
cut out boots - Primark
bracelet - Aliexpress


  1. Cool pictures and a great look! :)