Apr 15, 2013

Cro for H&M snapback and DIY Phototshop shirt

I got a lot of new arrivals last week.... Also this Cro for H&M snapback i like it. I wear the amazing hipster sky triangle shirt from Photoshop, I find this design in internet and I am thinking thats amazing picture and I don`t saw this picture anyone.Thats my idea.... I wear also my favorit denim studded shirt and burgundy leather pants and white sneakers all from H&M. Weather is warm, spring is finally here and I think I goes to Slovakia today, visit my family and look at new items... Have a nice week ;-)

snapback - Cro for H&M
shirt - Photoshop
denim shirt - H&M Divided
necklace - Primark
bag - Primark
leather pants - H&M
sneakers - H&M

by Evee <3

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