Apr 14, 2013

Week 15. in pictures

This week have a lot of new items, because i was shopping in Primark, H&M, New Yorker and Clockhouse

(All prices in €)
New Yorker
1.Sleeves denim shirt 15,-
2.White skull printed shirt 9,-

H&M Divided
1.Hipster printed shirt 5,-
2.Tropical printed leggins 10,-

CRO for H&M
1.Tanks with cat print 15,-
2.Milk snapback with dalmatian print 10,-

1.Batman printed shirt 7,-
2.USA Mickey Mouse printed sweatshirt 7,-

1.Camo printed shirt with stones 3,-
2.Black Sabbath printed shirt 5,-

1.Jogging pants with stripes on the sides 9,-
2.Burgundy aztec printed sneakers 8,-
Blue-pink fake Vans sneakers 8,-

1.Aztec printed bag 2,50,-
2.Spiked necklace 5,-

1.Peace and love printed shirt 9,-
2.Belt with golden crosses 9,-

1.Denim spiked, studded vest with new  picture  on back side
2.This shirt is made by Photoshop with my design

1.Silver spiked collar necklace 
2.Golden black skulls collar necklace 

...Have a nice weekend dears...

by Ivee <3

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